The most common laptop problem we see is a broken or loose DC power jack. however most repair shops do not perform DC jack repair.  They will replace the motherboard or send your laptop to the manufacturer. Broken power pin on your Laptop? Need a new power jack? Power connectors broken?we repair power jacks with all inclusive with no hidden charges and with warranty. also Repairs available on-site

We cover Derbyshire, Chesterfield, Sheffield, Mansfield & Alfreton surrounding areas.
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We can repair or replace Powerjacks for all model and makes of laptop.
Have you got a loose power connection on your laptop jack, broken laptop power plug on your laptop or notebook computer?

Is your DC power jack or ac power plug not working? Do you have a laptop power jack that has a broken power connector, power connection or broken power jack?

CPS can Repair or Replace broken DC power jack on your laptop with 12 months full warranty.

£ 49
Laptop DC Power Jack Repair
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Price of new Laptop power jack, is included up to £5

A technician will:

  • Verify that  power jack is the problem
  • Take apart your laptop
  • Solder  power jack back into place
  • Replace and re Solder  power jack if it is broken
  • Confirm that  power jack is working and  computer is charging

Total work time: 24 hours up on collection. ( not available on-site )
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Computer Repair and Laptop Repair at your home or office. All Derbyshire, Chesterfield, Sheffield, Mansfield, Matlock, Bakewell, Bolsover, Ripley &  Alfreton
  • NO Hourly Rates
  • NO Call  Out Fee
  • NO Fix -- NO Fee
  • 12 Mth Warranty
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